Barapole Coorg White Water Rafting Dos and don’ts


    Wearing a life jacket is a must.

    Fasten the buckle on both sides and make sure it fits properly.

    Follow the instructor’s rules and regulations. He will make sure you are safe.

    If you have any medical conditions like High BP, High or low blood sugar or any other medial issues mention it to your guide before getting on to the raft.

    Wear water proof shoes or a tight fitting sneakers so that it does not fall off during the rafting. Don’t wear a flip flop or go barefoot as it may be risky.

Stay well hydrated before your rafting trip.

    If your fellow team mates fall off the raft help them to get back into the raft.

    Enjoy your Rafting without disturbing others

If you carry any valuables leave it with the guide or lock it up in your car.

Ask the guide or the rafting operator to take videos or photographs. Most operators do have the facility.

Wear quick dry material clothing and try to cover yourself well to avoid any scratches or injuries while in water.

Use the rafting equipment safely with care making sure no damages happen.

Have a light nutritious meal 2 hrs. Before rafting.


    Do not stand up the raft. You may fall off the raft.

    Avoid cotton clothing because it will hold lot of water make you feel very cold.

    Do not have alcoholic drinks or drugs before 12 hrs. from the time of rafting.

    Never use your paddle to splash water it may hurt.

    do not go near fallen trees and huge rocks as these may be dangerous.

    Try going rafting in a group of four or more.

    Never panic at any point of time.

    So not have a heavy meal before your rafting trip.

    Do not take electronics and valuables of the raft.

   Do not litter around the river.

Coorg White Water Rafting Faqs

What kinds of clothes do I wear for white water rafting?

Men can wear knee length swimming shots with a quick dry t-shirt and women can wear a tights/shots with a quick dry t-shirt for your white water rafting trip. Avoid cotton clothing and extremely loose clothing.

What is the minimum age and maximum age for White Water Rafting?

Minimum age for rafting is 11 years and maximum can be 60 Years of age.

Do I have to book my rafting trip in advance?

To plan your trip well call the rafting operations one or two days in advanced and book a slot for your group.

We are only two people can we still go for rafting?

Each raft can hold up to 10 people so it you are only 2 you will be clubbed with another team.

Speak to us to coordinate with other groups.

How much does the rafting in Coorg cost?

The rafting package starts from 1000rs per person and goes up to 1500Rs per person.

How long does the Rafting take?

It takes about 2 hrs. to complete your Rafting in Barapole.

Check this video for White water rafting Techniques

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