1, Bird Watching and identification
2, Guided Treks
3, Wildlife Photography workshop
4, Sky gazing sessions with telescope
5, Guided Jungle Safari with forest department
6, Outdoor Camping for children
7, Herbal gardening workshop
8, Nature conservation talks and activities
9, Riverside walk and cleaning
10, Recycling and reusing waste workshop
11, Exploring plants/trees and study of their role in eco system
12, Snake rescue and snake bite emergency first aid training
13, Insects Classification and their importance in ecosystem
14, Training on How common people can help in nature and wildlife conservation
15, Green Living methodology and advantages workshop

All the above listed activities and workshops are organized at Otters Creek Nature camp on prior Booking.

Booking for all nature based activities and workshops are to be booked well in advance and minimum of five participants required for conducting any of the workshops